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Roped Bokken & Scabbard - Black Oak

Roped Bokken & Scabbard - Black Oak, Martial Arts, Roped Bokken Scabbard - Black Oak, ,

Roped Bokken & Scabbard - Black Oak

  • This listing is for the Black Oak Version - Sold as singles
  • High quality Wooden Bokken With a Wooden Scabbards
  • Lightweight Perfect for iaido Training, Not to be used for contact or Sparrring
  • Roped Handle for better Grip
  • Overall Length - 41 Inches

Wooden Read Oak Bokken With Scabbard. A Must have for all sword Practitioners. Excellent Quality. wooden bokken scabbard. Now comes With Roped Handle For Btter Grip. This natural oak bokken comes with a wooden scabbard! Excellent training weapon for sword drawing practice. Overall length is 41 inches, sword length is 39 1/4 inches and the scabbard measures approximately 30 1/2 inches. Approximate weight is 1.6lbs with scabbard. If you have been waiting for the ability to practice real sword drawing techniques with greater safety compared to a metal sword, this is your item.

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  • £59.99

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