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Leather Types

Posted by admin 17/07/2018 0 Comment(s)

All of our leather products are made from genuine real leather, be it Cowhide, Lambskin, Goatskin or Sheepskin. Leather is a luxury item unlike faux leather, PVC and synthetics. Real leather is breathable, waterproof and windproof and they last a lifetime if looked after accordingly. Non leather imitations such as faux, pleather and other synthetics can provide a very uncomfortable experience which can feel suffocating, sticky and sweaty due to the materials being non breathable. It can also limit the length of time it can be worn.
Our garments are made from leather that has been taken from sheep’s and cows that are farmed as a food source in a healthy environment. Instead of letting the skins become waste our suppliers save them and turn them into high quality material for clothing using only natural tanning methods.
Soft Lambskin is made from Sheep Napa. It is very soft and lightweight. This leather is used on most fashion type of jacket.
Milled Cowhide is made from Cow skin. It is very durable and little bit more heavier then Lambskin. It is mostly used on Bomber style jackets and Motorcycle Jackets as it is very hard wearing. A jacket made Milled Cowhide should last a lifetime if looked after.
Aniline Cowhide is made from Top Cow skin. It is soft and waxy at the same time very durable. It is heavier than Lambskin but lighter then Milled Cowhide. It is mostly used on the higher end Bomber style jackets and Motorcycle jackets as it is hard wearing and should last a lifetime if looked after.
Real Shearling & Toscana Sheepskin with Hair. The luxury of fair but without the price tag and the guilt. Wholly sourced from animals that have been farmed as a food source. It is the ultimate body warmer and world renowned for warmth. This kind of leather is exclusively used in high end fashion items and the WW2 Bomber Style Aviator Jackets.

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