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Men's CLASSIC BLAZER Black Z120 Tailored Soft Real Napa Leather Jacket Coat


A very smart jacket indeed. Nicely tailored. Made from genuine real soft lambskin leather. 3 Outer pockets and 1 inner pocket. A very good quality jacket which will fit nicely on any men. Real leather ages beautifully with time. It takes on the character of the wearer. Natural leather is breathable so you won’t feel sticky and suffocated as you do with PVC/Synthetic imitation. This is a luxury item at a rock bottom   price. Why not treat yourself or someone special. The styling is functional, and the interior of the jacket is fully lined. This Jacket is extremely versatile and right on the fashion money. 

The fit is superb, sleek and sexy as pictured. Why not buy some thing unique, versatile, stylish and different.

Please note we have a full refund and exchange policy. Buy with peace of mind.

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  • £199.99

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